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late night-2 Plant Based Dining: Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegetarian and Vegan Food near Rehoboth

Come along as we explore the yummy vegetarian options in the Delaware Beach area! These are great vegetarian and vegan food spots near Rehoboth and the surrounding beach towns of Lewes, Dewey, and beyond. We're here to help you find the tastiest plant-based meals around, whether you're a total veggie fan or just curious about trying something plant-based. Join us as we discover awesome places where you can enjoy tasty, healthy food options. 



nourishing-bowl Plant Based Dining: Vegetarian Restaurants


18979 Coastal Hwy Unit 105, Rehoboth Beach

Seedbol's menu is like a plant-based dream – gluten-free, locally sourced, and all that good stuff.  You get to build your own bowl from scratch with the freshest ingredients they whip up every day. They're all about supporting local farms, so you know you're getting top-notch produce. Picture this: a cafeteria-style line with hot and cold sides, tempting vegan treats, and even some killer seasonal juices they make right there. You might remember them as SEED eatery, now rocking the name Seedbol!


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The Secret Sauce Thai

18949 Unit 103 Coastal Hwy, Rehoboth Beach

This women owned restaurant opened in 2023 and is an absolute gem. They have a vegan lover menu with yummy noodle and curry dishes. They also have delish veggie fried spring rolls and their "secret sauce" tofu rolls for appetizers. This place is great for sit down and includes a bar. Or you can get take out! If you get take out, our tip is to go back to the bar area to let them know you are there. Some of the best Thai food in Rehoboth. 


 378340179_787752790023533_2579962479108558323_n Plant Based Dining: Vegetarian Restaurants

Twist Kitchen and Juice Bar

26 Wilmington Avenue, Rehoboth Beach 

Twist does a fabulous job of making fresh healthy food approachable. They have vegetarian and vegan options on their menu, from smoothies and açaí bowls, to breakfast bowls, grain bowls, salads, and toasts-- and of course pressed juices. This place serves colorful, flavorful foods. We love how many options it provides for vegetarians and vegans. 


 hcmp157592_2525647 Plant Based Dining: Vegetarian Restaurants

Dewey Beer Co

2100 Coastal Hwy, Dewey Beach

Don't let the name fool you-- while it seems like this is simply a brewpub, it has delicious food and a surprisingly vegetarian and vegan friendly menu. They have a variety of meat substitutes and have served up vegan cheesesteaks, vegan crab cakes, veggie curry, vegan sausage and rice, and more. Plus their beers are super tasty (we love their sours). 


hcmp106512_351632 Plant Based Dining: Vegetarian Restaurants

Nectar Cafe

111 Neils Alley, Lewes

A tasty breakfast/brunch spot with plant-based options is Nectar Cafe in Lewes. It has delicious house pressed fresh juices and coffees. It also has a variety of options for vegetarians and vegans. Some favorites include their lavender omelette; avocado toast with sprouts, cherry tomatoes, sriracha, egg and cheese; oatmeal with almond milk; a cauliflower steak plate. Definitely opt for the sweet potato hash! 


dogfish-head-brewings Plant Based Dining: Vegetarian Restaurants

Dogfish Brewing and Eats

320 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach 

Not only does Dogfish serve up their famous beers and spirits, they also have some great vegetarian and vegan choices. From falafel to vegan pesto pasta, they have a great variety of options. If you are vegetarian, their pizzas are really tasty as well! We love their mushroom pizza with roasted garlic base. 

bodhi-kitchen-rehoboth-bg-338080520-947 Plant Based Dining: Vegetarian Restaurants

Bodhi Kitchen

320 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach 

Bodhi is newer to Rehoboth and has brought a stunning atmosphere and delish Asian fusion to downtown. Their mushroom buns and noodle dishes are super flavorful and plant based. Pair it with one of their beautiful craft cocktails, and you will thank us!

(photo courtesy of Heartbeat Branding Co.) 

veganmac-scaled Plant Based Dining: Vegetarian Restaurants

Grandpa Mac

18756 Coastal Highway, Rehoboth Beach 

Grandpa Mac is a perfect vegan fast-casual option-- with great meat alternatives for sandwiches or, of course mac and cheese. They also have vegan mac and cheese sauce so you can enjoy plant-based comfort food. And they offer build your own options to customize. The soups are frequently vegetarian (like the chickpea noodle soup!) Seriously an abundance of veg-friendly choices for lunch and dinner that aren't just salads! 


Some more great restaurants with plant-based options nearby: 

Aroma- 208 Second St, Rehoboth (Mediterranean restaurant, Olive and Oats is sister cafe)

Capriotti's- 1604 Savannah Rd, Lewes (Hoagies with vegan steaks and deli "meat" substitutes)

Casapulla's-19331 Lighthouse Plaza Blvd, Rehoboth (Hoagies with vegan steaks)

Confucius- 57 Wilmington Ave, Rehoboth (Authentic Chinese food) 

Cultured Pearl- 301 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth (Japanese and sushi, try the Pi Natsu roll) 

Crust and Craft- 18701 Coastal Hwy, Rehoboth (craft pizza with vegan options) 

Greenman Juice Bar & Bistro- 12 Wilmington Ave, Rehoboth and 33247 Fairfield Rd, Lewes (grab and go, great for lunch) 

Indigo- 44 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth (Indian cuisine) 

Kebab Falafel Addiction- 19470 Coastal Highway, Rehoboth (falafel, lebaneh, baba ghanoush, and salads)

Lydia's Grab and Go Bistro- 33 Baltimore Ave, Rehoboth (quick lunch spot with veggie wraps, quinoa salads, and more)

Miyagi Ramen Bar- 19266 Coastal Hwy, Rehoboth (vegetarian and vegan broth bases available) 

Olive and Oats- 113 W Market St, Lewes (soups, sandwiches, wraps with Mediterranean inspiration) 

Rise Up Coffee- 502 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth (avocado toasts, tofu scramble breakfast burritos) 

Semra's Mediterranean Grill- 19 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth (delish Mediterranean options near boardwalk)

Somewhere- 52 Baltimore Ave, Rehoboth (great for brunches or dinner)

Saketumi- 18814 Coastal Hwy, Rehoboth (Japanese and sushi)

Stingray-59 Lake Ave, Rehoboth (Asian dishes, veggie sushi options-- green goddess and veggie tempura roll, also open late night)

Taco Reho- 18784 Coastal Highway, Rehoboth (homemade tortillas with multiple veggie taco and burrito options) 

The Pines American Bistro- 56 Baltimore Ave, Rehoboth (upscale comfort food)