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The Smartest Thing You Can Do At The Beach!

September 8, 2020

By: Lauren Cosca

This school year, parents will do more for their kids than ever before. With many learning institutions choosing to opt out of in person instruction, parents are left to pick up various duties including teaching and childcare—all while still having to work normal hours. Parents are now the chefs, the teachers, and the babysitters for their children, when before the pandemic many of those duties were handled by a child’s school. Now, it is up to parents to keep their children active and entertained and educated every single day—day after day after day. Kids get bored of an activity in minutes, and with new technology, keeping their attention is getting harder and harder. This year give your kids an adventure they will never forget. This year take your kids to The Great STEMporium in Lewes, DE.


The Great STEMporium located in Lewes, DE. Photo provided with permission from Cari Miller.

The Great STEMporium is a lifeline for stressed out and overworked parents this fall. The Great STEMporium is an activity center that focuses on enriching children’s lives through STEM related projects, tasks, crafts experiments, assignments and games. Families pick a table, sit down with a menu of activities, order, and enjoy! For those who wish to avoid any person-to-person contact, the STEMporium also offers carry-out orders. Take 10% off your order when you visit online!


A child holding slime they made in their hands. Customers can make and take home their own custom slime at the Great STEMporium. The slime comes in a wide variety of colors and with glitter, googly eyes, and more fun things to add! Photo provided with permission from Cari Miller.

Spark your child’s creativity and imagination with the many walk-in activities like educational kits including all materials and tools needed so you can easily build and take home whatever they work on. The activities include fun projects such as terrariums, a build-your-own solar oven kit, the tools to dissect an owl pellet, and more! The Great STEMporium also offers play time activities that the kids can use at the center to learn new skills such as how to build a volcano, use a microscope, and learn about coding! If your family is looking for a more challenging team building activity, check out one of the many tandem activities built for one to three people. These include cool problem-solving puzzles like building a catapult or tower out of spaghetti. Of course, there is the classic activity you can participate in where you make and take home your very own slime! Soon there will be a new section on the menu dedicated strictly to learning about and doing chemistry called “Potions,” where children can explore their interest in science. Make sure you do not forget to also come in and check out the World’s Largest Neuron model!


Usually this time of year, owner Cari Miller is planning on a school year full of field trips and birthday parties at The Great STEMporium. She knew this year things were going to be a little different, so they decided to pivot business into a new direction. The Great STEMporium is now offering in-person, all-day virtual learning support sessions for local students.


“If you’ve got a child in elementary school and the school decides they’re going to do virtual learning when you also work from home, that can be really hard for a parent,” says Miller. “Now, you can bring them to us, and we will make sure that they are on their zoom classes. If they have a question for the teacher, we’ll make sure it gets asked and answered and interpreted. When they have a built-in break, we’ll make sure it is structured with STEM enrichment and fun activities.”


The All-Day Virtual Learning Support Program is available for children aged 8-12 and grades 2-6. It will be taking place Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. and will be following the Cape Henlopen District virtual learning schedule. Each session is two weeks long and is limited to just 10 students per session. Parents who are looking for an extra hand should sign up fast! Discounts are offered when you enroll multiple children.


Children organizing model body parts at The Great STEMporium. Photo provided with permission from Cari Miller.

The Great STEMporium is not just for young kids. Soon, the staff will be offering SAT and ACT prep classes in-person for high school students that have been struggling with online studying. “There are a lot of virtual options right now, and for some kids, virtual options don’t work very well,” says Miller. “It

seemed like a gap that the community needed help with, and we had the space, so it all aligns very well.”


The Great STEMporium is a fun family place where making a mess is encouraged, and you don’t even have to clean up! Taking your child here means making a responsible choice to invest in a local business that gives back through charity and values your family’s safety with extra Covid-19 protocols for extra peace of mind. The best part is, if you weren’t satisfied for some reason, The Great STEMporium offers a Great Smile Guarantee, which means, if you’re not completely happy with one of their activities, you can let them know and they’ll do everything in their power to make it right! Visit the Great STEMporium this fall and get your kids learning all about STEM to help plant the seeds of innovation in their brains.


The Great STEMporium is located at 18388 Coastal Highway, #10, Lewes, DE 19958. Call 302-313-5139 for more information or log on to

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