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Pumpkin Spice is Back at the Delaware Beach Area!

September 13, 2020

By: Lauren Cosca

There are many reasons that people look forward to the fall months on the East Coast. The leaves are changing colors, the temperature goes down, and the famous pumpkin spice latte makes its long-awaited return. The Delaware beaches are no stranger to the pumpkin spice craze, and its numerous restaurants, cafés, and shops across the state add pumpkin themed drinks, candy, food, and treats to their menu every year when the summer season comes to an end.

Fisher’s Popcorn is a staple for both visitors and locals alike. This fall season they will be offering a new flavor: Caramel Pumpkin Spice. This limited-edition popcorn is available for only eight dollars a tub! Fischer’s Popcorn has locations across Delaware including in Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Ocean View, and more! The new Caramel Pumpkin Spice Popcorn is a great salty and sweet treat for anyone. Enjoy it as a late-night snack, on the beach, or bring it home as a gift for a friend. If you do not live near Delaware and are not planning a visit anytime soon, do not worry! You can order any flavor of Fisher’s Popcorn online and get it delivered right to your front door.

Pumpkin flavored ale is a common addition to many Brewery menus during the fall season in the Delaware Beach area.
The Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant, located on Coastal Highway in Rehoboth Beach, is offering a pumpkin ale starting at the beginning of September. Sip on this new drink while enjoying the outdoor dining at the brewery and munching on their seasonal Siracha pumpkin wings! The Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant is a fun, photogenic place that is great for an adult night out or dinner with the family. They are offering tacos, pizza, burgers, and more for takeout and delivery. For those that are planning on dining in person, a reservation is required.


Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant’s new canned Pumpkin ale, available in person and for pickup. Photo provided with permission from Iron Hill Brewery.

We welcome you to also try the “Punkin Ale” from Dogfish Head and see how it stacks up to other pumpkin flavored brews in the area. This classic ale has made a comeback each year, and patrons will line up to get a taste. Savor this sweet beer with the wide variety of food cooked to pair perfectly with a cold brew, at either The Dogfish Head Brewpub in Rehoboth Beach, or the Dogfish Tasting Room in Milton. It is also available to purchase online, and for pick up in six packs!


A six-pack of DogFish Head’s 2020 Punkin’ Ale featuring new artwork! Call today to make a reservation or place a pickup order. Photo provided with permission from Dogfish Head Brewery.

While pumpkin ale is a great pumpkin flavored drink for adults, the classic pumpkin spice latte is going to be another popular drink available for early mornings and non-alcoholic drinkers. Most cafés across Delaware will begin to serve pumpkin spice latte starting in September and October. Walk into any coffee shop this fall and you can expect to see pumpkin flavored drinks in addition to other seasonal flavors.

While you are out looking for an early morning meal this fall, head down to Surf Bagel to try their yearly pumpkin flavored bagels and pumpkin cream cheese, which will be back this fall! Surf Bagel opens at 6:30 a.m., so it is a great place to pick up breakfast for your entire crew while staying in Delaware. The restaurant is located on Coastal Highway in Lewes. If you are looking for more of a sit down brunch restaurant, check out the place "Egg" in Rehoboth.

Pumpkin Bagels with Pumpkin Cream Cheese will start this fall at Surf Bagel, located on Coastal Highway in Lewes. Photo provided with permission from Surf Bagel.

The restaurant “Egg” in Rehoboth Beach offers a pumpkin breakfast meal that will shock your senses. This breakfast and brunch eatery located on Rehoboth Avenue is serving up a pumpkin pie praline French toast. You do not have to make it to Rehoboth soon for this meal, because it is served all year round! View the peaceful scenery of the garden cafe as you enjoy this pumpkin custard French toast with pecan toppings.

While the “Egg” chooses to keep its pumpkin breakfast as a permanent menu option,
Big Fish Grill in Rehoboth Beach made the choice to only feature its pumpkin crab bisque for a select period of time. The soup will be available starting October 1 and it will not last long, so try to try it while you can!


Pumpkin Crab Bisque at Big Fish Restaurant on Coastal Highway in Rehoboth Beach starts on or around October 1st. Photo provided with permission from Big Fish Restaurant

The Pines Rehoboth decided to go all out this year. Chef Nina has been working tirelessly to perfect, for the fall, a Thai curry roasted pumpkin soup and a pumpkin pecan cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream and a bourbon caramel glaze. The pumpkin edibles do not end there. The Pines will soon also feature of maple pumpkin cocktail which will hopefully be a weekly special after they finish the research and design. The Pines offers dine in and carry out service. Call or visit online to make a reservation.


Chef Nina's Seasonal Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler will be available soon at The Pines in downtown Rehoboth Beach. Photo provided by The Pines with permission.

While it is clear you have a wide variety of choices for desserts and treats at the beach, Snyder’s Candy is offering the perfect combination of pumpkin candy for those who just cannot get enough! Stop in at any of their locations across Delaware and try their new pumpkin taffy pumpkin jelly belly or pumpkin fudge. They will all be in stock by the end of this month.


Seasonal pumpkin fudge is on sale now! It is made to taste just like pumpkin pie and is dusted on the top with cinnamon. Photo provided by Snyder’s Candy with permission.

Just because the summer is over, does not mean that the Delaware Beaches do not have so much more to offer both its residents and tourists. As anyone can see, the Delaware area presents a wide variety of pumpkin items to try. Even a pumpkin skeptic can enjoy the unique menu items this fall. From breakfast to dessert, enjoy the many pumpkin-flavored, sweet and savory delights across the Eastern Shore this Thanksgiving season.

The list of pumpkin flavored items available in the Delaware area does not end with just food. Rehoboth Beach Balm has released their Pumpin’ Lip Balm made with coffee for only three dollars! Find it at the Barefoot on the Beach Spa and Wellness Studio on Olde Coach Drive. The Spice and Tea Exchange in Rehoboth Beach is selling several fall and winter candles, including a Pumpkin a la Mode.


There is something about the salty air at the beach that just begging to be paired with a pumpkin spiced treat. And since it is the off-season, expect smaller than usual lines and crowds. Take advantage this fall and try some new and creative pumpkin spiced treats to get you ready for a season full of great eats.

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