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2021 Pick Your Own Produce at the Delaware Beach Area

May 14, 2021

Lauren Cosca

For many, the summer season at the beach is a time for sitting out in the sun by the crashing waves and taking in the salty air. When taking a trip to the Eastern Shore, visitors often miss out on the amazing U-Pick experiences the local farms have to offer. Dozens of Delaware farmers spend all year preparing their fields to be able to provide unique adventures for anyone looking to pick out their very own produce right from the earth. These locations are fantastic hidden gems that allow people of all ages to taste and take home the delicious crops grown right here in Delaware.

Picking your own fruit and vegetables has many benefits. A simple visit can teach kids about the farming process, while also providing a great reward for hard work. Getting your produce straight from the vine guarantees that the items you bring home will be fresh, healthy, and free of imperfections. 

These farms are not like a regular grocery store where you will get the same thing every day. Make sure you always call or check social media before making the trip out to one of these locations, because conditions may be impacted by weather and available crop supply. 

Parsons Farms Produce, a family-owned farm located at 30381 Armory Road in Dagsboro, Delaware, is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Strawberries are available for picking each year starting mid-May until mid-June, which is when the five-acre blueberry farm becomes ripe! Those will run until mid-July, along with the brand-new addition of pick-your-own tomatoes! Parsons Farms Produce is hoping to have its seven acres of peaches available to pick by July 4 until the end of August, and apples from mid-August to September 1. While there is no set price for the peaches just yet, berries will be $2.69 per pound and apples picked from the two-acre orchard will be charged per box. 

Not only does Parsons Farms Produce offer a petting zoo where the cows and goats eat right out of your hands, but also has a full commercial kitchen that makes homemade fresh pies every season. Their “Goat Mountain” is sure to provided entertainment for the whole family. What are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, and eat some ice cream!


U-Pick field is open mid-May until mid-June the 2021 Season at Parson's Farms Produce in Dagsboro. Photo by Parsons Farms Produce.

Bennett Orchards focuses mainly on the authentic agriculture experience. This six-generation farm is located at 31442 Peachtree Lane in Frankford, Delaware offers pick-your-own blueberries and peaches. The blueberries run from early-July to late-July, and the peaches are available all of July and August. This 250-acre farm holds 60 acres of peaches, featuring 20 different varieties.

Hours and locations for Bennett Orchards will be available on their social media and website early-July. They charge per pound, with a 10-pound minimum on peaches and a four-pound minimum on blueberries. The produce from this authentic farmstead not only can be found on location, but at dozens of local restaurants and farmers markets.


Bennett Orchards peaches and blueberries, available during the summer season. Photo provided with permission from Bennet Orchards.

At the Kinglsey Orchards Blueberry Farm, the berries on the 36-acre farm are just starting to form, and will be available for U-Pick starting mid-June. This year there will be six to eight different types of blueberries on the farm, open for pick-your-own on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Kinglsey Orchards Blueberry Farm is located at 24349 Blueberry Lane in Frankford, Delaware. Adult sized buckets are $20 and kids sized buckets are only five dollars. 

The farm includes a large parking lot with about 20 spots, but it is still recommended to come early in the morning to guarantee a spot and to avoid the hot summer sun later in the day. After some fun picking of your own produce, revealers are invited to check out the fresh pies and ice cream available for sale on the property. Stop into the market and visit the bakery to check out some of the delicious blueberry pastries made fresh daily. Not only is the Kingsley Orchards Blueberry Farm a great place to enjoy time with the family, depending on the season there is also the option to set up camp and spend the night under the stars!  


Blueberry picking will start mid-June at Kingsley Orchards in Frankford. Photos by Ashley Houdbert.

Fifer Orchards is another must-see farm located near the Delaware Beaches that offers pick-your-own strawberries for anyone that might be interested. In order to participate, visitors must reserve a spot in advance by purchasing tickets for $3.95 per person. This ticket includes a tractor and wagon ride out to the patch. Once you arrive, it is required for each group to purchase at least one bucket for $19.95. Each group has a maximum of five people per bucket. 

Fifers Orchard is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Their U-Pick Farm and Farm Store, located at 1919 Allabands Mill Road in Camden Delaware, features a large selection of strawberry-based bakery items, local honey, milk, meats, cheeses, and more! The store is open from April to December each year, with U-Pick strawberries available starting May 8. 


Strawberry Patch at Fifer Orchards in Camden, Delaware.  Photo by Fifer Orchards.

T.S. Smith Orchard Point Market located at 9045 Redden Road in Bridgeville Delaware, will begin to offer U-Pick for peaches starting in late-July, and apples in September/October. The hours for pick your own produce are posted later in the year on their social media sites. At this location they charge by the pound rather than per bucket, and prices vary depending on the season.


The T.S Smith Orchard Point Market is often a go-to spot for families with young children due to its huge petting zoo featuring bunnies, hens, goats and even a donkey! Bask in the sun at their outdoor seating area while enjoying a breakfast or lunch sandwich from the bakery and deli, or some fresh Vanderwende's ice cream. The T.S. Elliot Orchard Point Market is open year-round selling local produce, eggs, meat, milk and dairy items.


T.S. Elliot Orchard Point Market. Photo provided with permission from website.

Planning a vacation to the Delaware eastern shore does not have to be limited to just trips down to the shore. Take a break from the boardwalk and the sand and experience the joys and delights that picking your own produce can bring to the whole family.  

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