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Gifts to Celebrate Mother's Day During Social Distancing

April 24, 2020

By: Ashley Houdbert


There's no doubt that Mother's Day 2020 will look a lot different this year due to social distancing, which was put in place to help stop the spread of covid-19. We're not exactly taking Mom out for dinner with family and friends, so plan ahead and give the mother in your life something to make her smile big and relax for the day! This list of unique and special Mother's Day Gift Ideas are perfect for showing Mom some love from afar. You'll not only be supporting the businesses in the Delaware Beach Area, but it's also contact-free delivery. 


Vintage Violet Boutique in Lewes, DE has a new product in stock that I think would make a cool Mother's Day Gift. These teas do everything from changing color when lemon is added to steeping pink. High quality and hand blended. Par Avion is a Female owned Company in California and they are in stores like Saks Fifth Ave and Harrod’s. Order by messaging Vintage Violet Boutique on Facebook, logging on to or call 302-703-6692.


I don't know about you, but the FIRST thing I plan to do when this is all said and done, is get my hair done and go to a spa. The roots are showing and the self-care has been nonexistent. Getting Mom a gift-card to an amazing salon/spa will not only remove the guilt or pressure of spending money, but make her feel her self again! Something to look forward to. 


Doing puzzles not only lower stress and improve mood, but this is a great way to pass the time at home, especially for any Rehoboth Beach lover. Browseabout Books has several Rehoboth Beach themed puzzles in stock, but they are selling out fast!


Blooming Boutique has these cute quarantine tees available online for purchase. What a fun, lighthearted and memorable gift! Send Mom positive vibes. Several different styles are available. 


If Mom has a sweet tooth, then you know that fudge would be a fabulous gift on Mother's Day. The Sea Shell Shop is very well-known for their scrumptious fudge. It's absolutely delicious! And there are so many flavors to choose from for example... peanut butter chocolate, mint chocolate swirl, creamsicle, peanut butter cup, cotton candy, red velvet, maple walnut, chocolate marshmallow, dark chocolate, vanilla, snickers, pumpkin pie, and our favorite, which was sampled long before that newly-famous show on Netflix, Tiger Butter! They will happily ship anywhere in the U.S. $12.99 per pound and you can choose 2 flavors per pound. 


If you really want give Mom that super thoughtful gift, send her a custom photo of the place she loves, and probably misses, so much. Susan McLean of Tide Wader Photography and Kyle Kaminski of Kyle Kaminski Photography make up the New Wave Imagery Studio, which is located next to Lewes Beach. Both are amazing Delaware beach area photographers that have captured stunning images of the beach. Log on to either of their facebook pages, choose your favorite image and send them a private message. They will quote you and print it up!


Super cute hats are a necessity right now! Am I right? Knowing Mom, she'll bust out the old baseball cap and try to box highlight her hair. Stop her in her tracks! This will definitely keep her "covered" while she's waiting for the salons to open back up. And these hats are super cute! Email Grove & Evelyn to purchase. They also have gift cards available!

Treat her to a Takeout Lobster Dinner from Big Fish

(or if u live elsewhere, a gift card to get takout from her favorite DE Beach Area restaurant)


You can still treat Mom to dinner! Big Fish in Rehoboth has a wonderful carryout menu available, even Lobster! Call to Order! And if she isn't a fan of Lobster, or she doesn't even live in the Delaware Beach Area, you can easily mail a nice Hallmark card and stuff it with a gift certificate to one of her favorite restaurants, that she can use to treat herself at a later date!


There's a pretty good chance that Mom is spending a lot of time outdoors during the coronavirus quarantine, getting her morning and late-evening walks in. Make sure she has a great pair of sunglasses to protect her eyes from the UV rays. 


Get her those expensive martini or wine glasses she's always secretly wanted, but never would allow herself to spend the money on. It's time for her to feel like the queen that she is and sip her nightcap out of something other than Dollar Tree knockoffs. 


"If you’re a mom who needs a motivational boost, or if you know a mom who deserves to be acknowledged for her super powers, this compilation of wisdom, admissions, and witty reflections will lift the spirits and stir the soul. With quotes from Maya Angelou, Gilda Radnor, Tina Fey, and others, you’ll soon be shouting, “I AM MOTHER, HEAR ME ROAR!”

For the coffee loving Mom, Notting Hill Coffee in downtown Lewes, Delaware is the MECCA when it comes to flavors. Owner, Amy Felker roasts the beans in house. She regularly has about 125 different flavors circulating at a time. There isn't a definitive list available online, so just think of what Mom might like, call them up, and they can pick out/suggest a flavor and ship right to her door. Be creative! 

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