Local Coffee By-The-Bag at the Delaware Beaches

August 28, 2021

Lauren Cosca

A cup of coffee can make or break your day. A great cup of coffee can give you a positive, energetic, start to your day, while an unexceptional cup of coffee can set a mediocre tone for your entire day. Luckily, when you are in Delaware, there are endless places to purchase small-batch, local coffee by the bag to take back home.  

Local Coffee café’s, restaurants, and shops line the Eastern Shore coast, offering a never-ending variety of blends to sip and sample. Not only can you enjoy the taste of local Delaware coffee while in town, you are also able to bring the taste of Delaware mornings right to your home of office! Many local vendors will sell reasonably priced local coffee by the bag to give you your morning beach fix no matter where you are. 

It’s almost impossible for a true coffee aficionado to drive past Rise Up without stopping. Rise Up has been awarded “The Best Coffee in Maryland,” and has been generating loyal customers since 2005. Rise Up has nine locations, with the Rehoboth Beach location being one of the most popular. This location is a must visit to take advantage of all that they offer including full breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bar. They have outdoor seating and are pet friendly, so bring everyone!


Rise Up Sustainable Coffee Pods. Photo pulled from Rise Up Coffee Facebook page.

Rise Up only serves certified organic and fair-trade coffee. Their bagged coffee ranges in price from $13 to $18 and included blends such as Pura Vida and a natural process limited release Perla Negra Costa Rica. Their coffee is brewed in small batches and also features a decaf option, as well as discounted monthly subscription prices.  

Gaia Coffee Co offers a unique experience in the way that their beans are sourced from start to finish. The owners travel to Costa Rica personally during peak harvest season to meet directly with farmers and taste different coffees. Their diligence ensures that the workers are paid fairly and offered fair living and working conditions. When the coffee is brought to Delaware, it is roasted in small batches in Lewes and then packaged in earth friendly material. 


Gaia coffee being sold at the Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market. Photo taken from Gaia Coffee Co. Facebook page

Take advantage of free local delivery when you enjoy any number of the coffees offered at Gaia, including the dark roast with hints of cocoa, almond, and orange, a medium roast featuring flavors such as cinnamon, honey, and peach, and the natural process with tastes of blackberry, pineapple, and lemon drops. Each 12-ounce bag makes approximately 34 cups of coffee.

At High Tide Coffee and Bowls, located in Fenwick Island, the coffee is sourced from two local companies: Coffee Town and Local Coffee. Coffee Town, located in Salisbury provides High Tide with a light roast, two dark roasts, a decaf roast, and a Columbian roast, available to be made in store and for sale in bags. The coffee shop also gets its beans from Local Coffee, located in Selbyville. The owners of High Tide visit the roastery personally and pick out the best blends to use and sell by the bag and fresh in store. All coffee sold at High Tide is fresh, made with clean filtered water. Their cold brew and nitro coffee is also made from local Delaware coffee vendors.

The Point Coffee Shop & Bakery in Rehoboth Beach typically sells 12 or more different varieties of local coffee at any given moment. All coffee served and available for purchase is Certified organic and fair trade, single source, and house made. Stop in one morning while visiting Rehoboth and grab a cup of delicious coffee to sip on while you browse local boutiques and shops. The Point often features unique and bold flavors like coconut fudge and Hawaiian hazelnut.

Waking up early one morning? While everyone is asleep become the MVP of the trip when you stop in Surf Bagel and grab local breakfast and coffee for everyone. Surf Bagel sells Swell Joe Coffee, a local supplier that provides a variety of six small batch roasts. The coffee is guaranteed fresh, since it located just a few doors down in Lewes.


Swell Joe Coffee being served at Surf Bagel. Photo taken from Swell Joe Facebook page. 

Coffee from Local Roasting Coffee Co in Roxana Delaware, as well as Swell Joe Coffee, can also be found at many retailers in Delaware, including 3BB Café in Bethany Beach, Agape Creamery in Millville, and Magee Farms in Selbyville. The raw, organic beans from Local Roasting Coffee Co include many unique blends like their local’s blend, the high tide blend, a quarantine blend, an espresso blend, and a decaf blend. The coffee is roasted in four-pound batches to ensure quality and freshness. We highly recommend checking out the new Coffee House powered by Schell Brothers, in downtown Rehoboth Beach, where you can even purchase a special Dark Roast "Schell Brothers" Blend. 


Notting Hill Coffee in Lewes offers half pound and full pound bags of coffee for sale in store. This local shop procures raw beans from other counties and roasts them in house. Their storefront also boasts a large breakfast and lunch menu, including healthy options and freshly made pastries.


Lewes Coffee Company sells globally sourced, locally roasted Brazilian Esmeralda coffee beans. These small batch roasted beans are available both whole and freshly ground for purchase. Lewes Coffee Company is located the Lewes Ferry Terminal and also features smoothies, breakfast, lunch, and more!

Ever find yourself thinking, I don’t want this trip to the Delaware beaches to ever end? Now it doesn’t have to! When you buy coffee from a local vendor in Delaware, you can be sure that your coffee is not only delicious, but is also coming from a reliable, sustainable source. Drink guilt free coffee all year long when you take home a bag of beans to share with friends, family, or coworkers. Many local coffee roasters in Delaware take pride in their product, and vow to not sell any products they do not personally select and approve. As soon as your tongue touches on of the many hot steamy local blends, you are transported back to the Eastern Shore. Shop a wide variety of brands online as well, so it feels like you never even left!!

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